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Dec 28, 2019

This Week on the Live Your Light Show:

This week’s guest on the Live Your Light Show is April Pfender!

April Pfender is a Reiki Master Teacher, Retreat Guide, Sacred Sound / Quantum Healer and Meditation Instructor living in Santa Monica, California.  She is the founder of Santa Monica Healing, which specializes in Reiki and Quantum Healing practices.  She's passionate about guiding others to embrace their own multidimensionality through Ascension work and Activational Offerings, which she hosts throughout the year. 


We asked April to be a guest on the LYL Show because April is an advocate of being true to your Highest Self, April believes in following your daydream, and authentic artistic expression.  She believes that Reiki and meditation connects us more profoundly to ourselves and to one another, enabling our conscious community to become stronger by equipping us to bring more peace in the world. She knows that anyone can self-heal if they invest the time to uncover their inner truth. 


In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • How to find your spiritual crew
  • How April shifted her occupation from ad/ tech corporate space to align with her truth and HEAL. It was difficult but the BEST decision of her life. How she moved through that time in her life to take the leap.

“Leaving the corporate world was the scariest thing and really rocked my world and it’s the best decision of my life’ - April

  • Meditation made easy even for the busiest of schedules

‘If hadn’t had found meditation, I  don’t know I  would’ve gotten through my personal awakening without it.’ -April Pfender

  • What is Reiki?

“Reiki waves are a higher vibrational energy and it tends to clear away any lower vibration. Dis-ease, trauma, tension - a lot from emotional body will be attuned to a higher vibration.”

  • The healing power of Entrainment - The overlap of science and spirituality
  • What is the science behind Reiki and Quantum healing?
  • Emily shares a vulnerable piece of what’s happening right now as we enter a new era of 2020. We talk about how to move through the ‘shadow’ and embrace it ALL.
    • “If you feel heavy during the holiday season or with the new year coming, you’re not alone.”
  • Affirmation challenge— Join us! Tag us @santamonicahealing and @itsemilythomas to participate and get 2020 off to a great start collectively!
    • (when you tag us we will also send you a discount code for a quantum healing session or Reiki 1 training with April!)


  • Visit April’s Website HERE
  • Book your LYL2020 Discounted Session (Use code LYL2020) HERE
  • Buy April’s Books on Amazon HERE

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