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Jan 24, 2020

This week’s guest on the Live Your Light Show, Emily has a soulful conversation with her good friend and mentor, Michael King.  Michael King believes that the great work of our life is the process of creating and re-creating both ourselves and the life we get to live. He is a qualified chef, a health coach, a yoga instructor, meditation teacher (he and his wife, Hannah are the founders of Kings Meditation and Mentoring and have their own meditation training called ‘Fire and Water’ where they turn passionate meditators into impactful teachers. Michael was instrumental in Emily’s personal transformation and personally mentored her in hypnotherapy, NLP and being a life coach.



Part one of our Conversation We Cover: 

  • What happens when you get quiet & become familiar with your thoughts and you start to ask questions about fundamental elements about existence and ‘self’
  • How he ‘unpacked’ what he’s been through by going on a walkabout and being in nature.
  • Your authentic self wants to be expressed in the world so badly!
  • All the ancient cultures of the world understood that within the one human life we have a few births.— The first birth is obvious, and the second is happening throughout our lives by taking off the metaphorical training wheels & being born into the awareness of your true self.
  • Emersion into nature completely changed the way he looked at the world. ‘A walkabout is just an expression of inner movement. The world is just a mirror of deeper inner transformation.’ A walkabout let him let go of everything he THOUGHT he was and decided to connect with the earth and subsequently change his life by being led by his heart instead of ego.
  • How to integrate the deep sense of connectedness and the reverence of life into normal everyday life.
    • How to bring the light into every part of your life through conscious integration.
  • Why it’s important NOT to resit our past but instead flow with it by choosing the pieces of our past that lend itself to where we are going.
  • The two sides of the coin in meditation:
    • 1. How do I  relieve suffering? - What’s in the way of our personal authenticity? What are we resisting and how can we deconstruct that.
      • The uncovering of conflict based off beliefs we’ve adopted throughout life and navigating through by deciding what we want to continue to believe.
    • 2. How do I  grow the good in my life by working on the things I  actually want?
      • How do I  want my life to look and how can I  build up my mind so that my mind is a mirror of my heart?
  • The Beach Worm metaphor: Beach worms live right below the surface on the beach and come up when you least expect it which is symbolic of circumstances in life will cause our beliefs and emotions that normally reside under the surface when they are triggered when something happens in life.
    • TIP for YOU to decrease the number of beach worms in your life:
      • Keep a log of all the beach worms that comes up throughout the day and then it’s right in the open and from that place you can relieve yourself of any resistances and start thinking more thoughts that are in alignment with where you want to go instead of hindering your growth.


Quotes: ’A walkabout is just an outer expression of inner movement. The world becomes a mirror of deeper inner transformation”


Resources How to Connect with Michael:

  • Follow Michael On Instagram HERE
  • Access to their Meditation Teacher Training HERE
  • Visit his Website HERE


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