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May 15, 2020

This Week on the Live Your Light Show:

This week’s soulful conversation is with Brianna Rose is the CEO of Light Leader Collective, INC. Is a kundalini business coach for women entrepreneurs. Her global online business has transformed thousands of women's lives teaching them to create impactful online empires, live a lifestyle of financial freedom, and change the world. Through Brianna's success methodologies her clients align with their purpose, write magnetic content that captures the hearts of their soulmate clients, unlock their energy systems to activate their intuition, and exponentially grow their businesses to 6 figures (and beyond!).


In this episode we chat about:

  • Brianna’s Story & how she started embracing her spiritual gifts
  • Growing up with intuitive gifts and what that meant
  • Building multiple 7 figure businesses and shifted into
  • Miserable at 23 and then had a spiritual awakening because of a friends’ passing which opened her up to the intuitive world 
  • Her first Kundalini Experience
  • How she was afraid of her gifts she played it safe for 4 years even though in her heart she wanted to be a Kundalini Business Coach
  • How we discovered the relationship between energy & success
  • The first month in had 15k Month & year 1: 1 roster and everything scaled from that month
  • How and why her first year in business hit $500k without paid advertising
  • Success isn’t only about building a business its also about your personal growth and inner alignment
  • There is SO much healing she had to do to master her energy to foster success in her life and business and Kundalini supported her through that.
  • What is Kundalini - Shakti, Feminine Energy
    • Awakening The Energy Within to reprogram your subconscious system & it’s a science and a technology to uncover your own potential
    • We have a lot of layers we have to shed and thought Kundalini you get yourself closer to the goal - by practicing kriyas you are collapsing time - it moves through your energetic body & you can direct your energy towards what you want
  • @ 27 min I ask Brianna about starting from scratch. The hypothetical situation: Zero cash, Zero Community & Zero Following & Want to Start a Soul-Aligned Business, What Brianna would build? Her response: The best thing to do is to - Sit and get quiet because the answer will always find you- we need to get quiet enough to hear what comes through.
    • Ask yourself: If I knew success was inevitable, what would I do?
    • What is it that I  want to teach & share?
    • Show up EVERY SINGLE DAY on IG- You must have more belief in your mission than your fear
    • Ask yourself: ‘What do I  need to do to serve my followers/ community?”
    • Not being afraid to fail
    • Use the gift of social media to reach the people who need you
    • Start with single sessions- 1:1 work- is your market research and find typical patterns and then create your bigger tiered program
    • Keep it easy and simple!- Get client agreement, PayPal button
  • Brianna’s Steps if she started from Scratch:
    • Self-discovery
    • Show Up every day
    • Make an easy transition for your framework and use social media

Last message: Take this conversation as your sign, this is the nod to go ahead to take action to do what you want to



“The second I said 'yes' to my spiritual gifts they all opened 10 fold’

“There are no rules in your business. All strategies can be taught but all energy can be felt so make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.”

“The Universe does for you what you won’t do for yourself”

How Brianna had such a successful first year of business as a spiritual business coach: “Really powerful transition of shedding, releasing & letting go and just trusting the intuition and taking action and following the breadcrumbs the universe leaves for us”




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