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Mar 7, 2020

This week’s guest on the Live Your Light Show, we have a soulful conversation with Marci Moberg. Marci Moberg is an intuitive coach and healer with a passion for reconnecting sensitive souls to their forgotten intuitive nature.  Marci’s work includes coaching individuals and groups to develop their intuition, understand their sensitivity, own their power, and navigate life transitions and relationships with authenticity.  Her popular online course Intuition 101, is a life-changing course on practical intuition development and she is the podcast host of Tune In with Marci.  Marci has been featured on MindBodyGreen, The Huffington Post, Reader’s Digest, Bustle,,, television, and many podcasts.  You can follow her inspiring tips and writings on her website,



In this Soulful Conversation We Cover: 

  1. Why our sensitivity is our superpower.
  2. Being grounded while being spiritual is important!
  3. How connecting to our intuition can support our healing.
  4. Steps to strengthen your connection to your intuition
  5. Marci’s experience reconciling the logic/ practical part of life & the spiritual by allowing her intuition to eventually grow despite the her resistance.
  6. Marci Believe it's essential for sensitives (highly sensitive people and empaths) to incorporate shadow work into their personal growth and healing.
  7. Boundaries are key in every aspect in life.
  8. If you’re having challenges rise a lot, important questions to ask yourself: What parts of your past are unresolved and how are you being triggered?
  9. Try not to put too much pressure on your intuition because you might be missing a lot of subtleties - a few steps to take to strengthen the intuitive muscle include:

1. Get into your body (sounds more simple than it actually is because we are living in a culture where we are typically in our head)

 First, start by focusing on your heart center

-what sensations do you feel?

- Start with the physical contact that emerges for you any physical sensations and any emotions come up

Second, start to have a conversation with your heart

‘Dear heart, what will you have me know today?’

-even silence is okay as you start to lube up the connections with your intuitive

Third, practice regular devotion to show up to deepen the connection

Fourth, start documenting what comes up but don’t get impatient & keep your eyes open by looking for evidence.

  • When you are building a relationship with your soul / your personal intuition takes time. It is really about courting your intuition so don’t demand that it tells you anything-  just look to connect to it and it will build from there.
  • Sometimes the messages come in sentences and different times.
  • ‘It takes courage to be you’ - Meaning it takes courage to remember your personal truth and peel back the many layers of social conditioning

Quotes: “Everyone is intuitive. Everyone experiences intuition in different ways.  It’s a matter of taking the time to slowly decode your own experience so that you can find uniquely how intuition speaks to you. That is your birthright.”- Marci Moberg


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