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Apr 6, 2020

This week on the Live Your Light Show we have guest Alana Grainger. Alana is a writer, artist, Hypnoenergestics practitioner and she offers us a session during this episode! 

What is Hypnoenergetics?: Most hypnosis is therapy based where you go backward (according to linear time) into the past.  Hypnoenergetics differs from traditional methods because it is energy-based and enables you to access a future state thereby creating a neurological pathway that leads right back to now.

Alana has witnessed the extraordinary wisdom, insight, and healing from hypnoenergetics first hand and has personally been able to set herself free from patterns that she’s held for lifetimes.

Alana is here as a guide through this journey, empowering us as we claim our sovereignty by remembering who we are and why we’re here. In this episode, she offers us something unique and never-been-done on this show, a virtual session. We get to experience a session together to help support us through COVID-19.

Sit back, relax and if you would like to skip to the virtual session, it begins at the 47 min mark in this conversation.

Enjoy and please let us know how you feel after this session together. (tag me @itsemilythomas)


In this soulful episode we talk about:

  • Alana’s path & how she was led to Hypnoenergetics
  • How Alana shifted her pain into her passion
  • On this journey expect to be completely overwhelmed by self-doubt - and why that’s OKAY & a good sign
  • Darkness is not negativity it is just ‘stuff’ you’re not aware of and once you become aware of it, it can shift to your ‘light’
  • Where the lack of light is, that’s what directing the course of our lives.
  • Shifting awareness to the aspects of your life that you love and how to do that
  • She shares advice from her late yoga teacher, Bubba G: “When things feel like they are all falling, it’s good because that means that it’s working.”
  • ‘The reason why things are falling apart is because the structures that once served you are no longer serving you.’
  • How meditation is like a head floating around in space
  • When you are in alignment things flow to you- Alana gives some of her recent examples
  • Continuously pulling energy back into yourself is key & she shares how to do this
  • ‘What the world needs at the end of the day is YOU.’
  • How to heal old wounds:
      • By coming back to yourself, even when it's hard
        • Your own soul is the one that lives inside of you and wants to take care of you and evolve
      • By taking care of YOU, might mean that your soul might guide you to take a look at the parts of you that your soul had pushed down and repressed/ the parts of you that you don’t like
  • How to heal trauma and overcoming pain:
    • Turning your focus back inwards, it will naturally allow these repressed feelings to rise
  • It always comes back to energy, if there is something that you are not looking at, it will show up later in your life.
  • Moving from a very low place of low self-confidence and drawing in the same type of man in her life
  • Even though we don’t choose our pain and our trauma, healing is our responsibility and that lies solely on us &  what has happened in the past has happened to launch us into a path to return home 
    • Take your responsibility for everything that happens in life
    • Turning up that intuitive wisdom within
    • Embody the darkness, until it becomes whole within you that you no longer want to push away - by owning it and making it a part of you
  • Going from one vibration to another you might have some growing pains but if you find peace within yourself you will be fine
  • Simplifies the Quantum Field-Explained in the concept of time
  • The Difference between Hypnosis vs. HypnoEnergetics
  • Soul State- If you can become aware that you are having a thought that means that you are not your thoughts.
  • At the 47 min marker, Alana starts our 20 min virtual hypnoenergetics session for us!



“Everything is happening to set us free”- Alana 

Her favorite quote: “You have to grow from the inside out, none can teach you, none can make you spiritual, there is no other teacher but your own soul.”

‘Being in alignment is unhooking ourselves from the energies that are flowing outside of you and draw it back into you’- Alana


  • Send Alana a DM On Instagram for an individual hypnoenergetics session HERE

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