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Aug 14, 2021

This Week on the Live Your Light Show: 

This week on the Live Your Light Show we are talking about plant medicine and wealth management. A little perplexed as to how they work together? In this episode, you’ll hear the inside scoop and get some unique & useful business tips from entrepreneur & wealth management expert, Jesse Tee.


In This Conversation, We Cover:

  • 2:19 His entrepreneurial story and why he is so passionate about what he is doing today
  • 7:26 Plant medicine and why it plays such an important part in his life & business
  • 9:45 A specific spiritual awakening moment that changed his life
  • 12:05 How to find the right support system and why that’s important
  • 14:30 How to start with plant medicine and meeting his relatives in Peru
  • 18:55 We dive deeper into our work together after he completed his Business Energetic session with Emily and looking into his past life
  • 23:30 Karma and the importance of healing our trauma
  • 25:45 His experience with meeting a shaman in Peru
  • 27:08 Finding balance between the world of coaching & using plant medicine and being a financial planner
  • 33:33 What is the future of plant medicine?






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