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Apr 30, 2021

This Week on the Live Your Light Show: 

This week on the Live Your Light Show we have Pedro Adao who has built multiple 7-figure businesses and a massive following by being a Kingdom Entrepreneur. He offers us tips on how he did it & specifically what is necessary to do it if you’re building a business today! Let us know your favorite part & what tip you plan on implementing in your life/business to get to the next level!


In This Conversation, We Cover:

  • 1:30 We share a story how and where we both met
  • 4:50 His story and what he had to overcome in order to create an impact he has today
  • 7:05 How he mastered the skill of creating challenges
  • 9:55 The moment when he made 2 million dollars with his ‘challenges’
  • 14:50 Giving yourself the permission to be yourself and not trying to hide your faith and belief in God
  • 21:15 Staying in integrity with yourself
  • 23:45 100x Academy #KingdomEntrepreneur program
  • 29:15 His vision and plans for the future
  • 32:30 His marketing strategy how to find dream clients
  • 38:15 Why we should niche down and become the number #1 in that area & his top tips for success


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