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Sep 1, 2020

This Week on the Live Your Light Show: 

This week’s soulful conversation is with Molly Trotter a former news anchor who is now an on-camera clarity coach and a sales executive at the Dream Factory Co. Her online business has transformed hundreds of women's lives teaching them how to deliver their messages effectively. She believes that the online space is a gift that is underutilized and her work with the Dream Factory supports her vision of sharing strategies to bring online businesses to the next level.

In This Conversation, We Cover:

  • 0:15 What she does and how she got to where is she today 
  • 3:05 The moment she reached the breaking point and realized she has to change her career 
  • 6:45 Why we should stand up for what we believe in and live in alignment with our values 
  • 9:45 How she helps entrepreneurs build confidence in front of the camera
  • 13:05 Being okay with failure and how we can learn from our mistakes
  • 15:25 The Dream Factory- what it is and what they do
  • 22:10 Why we should not be afraid to ask for help and how hiring someone can help us scale our business 
  • 25:30 The best business advice she has been ever given 
  • 27:50 The number one mistake people do when they niche down
  • 33:10 Life advice she would give to her best friends 
  • 36:50 Hashtag #thebiggerthanme and how it came to live




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