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Mar 20, 2020

Why this episode is so important: 

The coronavirus pandemic presents an unfamiliar & unique time in all of our lives. This is an opportunity to break the habits we have been hoping and trying to change for years this is a chance to slow down, recalibrate & gain clarity on how to authentically live your light. We will get through this together and in this episode, Emily sheds light on how to come out on top (with special offerings for you and the entire Live Your Light Community) 

In this SOLO Episode we talk about:

  • How we are being presented with a very unique opportunity
  • Reflecting on how our daily habits are shaping how we view life
  • Inspiration on how to adjust & recalibrate
  • Questions to consider asking during this time:
    • What am I  living for?
    • What am I  getting up in the morning for?
    • How can I  start living a more purpose-driven life and implementing habits to live the truest version of me?
    • How can I  serve? How can I  offer more value to the world?


We want you to make the most of this time & feel truly supported. Emily is offering an array of workshops, live webinars, guided meditations, and freebies to keep your spirit & energy high. 

Visit Emily on IG and on the web to get free 1:1 coaching to gain clarity on how to realign your habits to feel and live your best life.

We can’t wait to see what you thought of the episode and what takeaways resonated most with you. Don’t forget to tag @itsemilythomas so we can see & feature you.

Let's all shine brighter together!