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Dec 4, 2019

This Week on the Live Your Light Show:

This week’s guest on the Live Your Light Show is Ranil Sharma! Ranil has been running Core Energetics workshops and intensives for over 19 years, he’s based in Melbourne but works with people around the world. Emily personally met him during her awakening in Bali he was instrumental in her personal transformation which is why she asked him to be on the Live Your Light Show.

The process of this evolutionary work is to unblock defenses, move the stuck energy to create healthy flow, to transform the negative, distorted emotions back to the core self and this is precisely what  Emily experienced during a weekend intensive with Ranil & is exactly what she wishes to facilitate to her listeners who are ready to embark on a transformation of their own.

Core Energetics is a system of body-oriented psychotherapy which labels itself as a bridge between psychology and spirituality. It is a mode of healing that combines bodywork, psychotherapy, and spiritual process. 

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • 7:00-  What it means to Mobilize Your Energy. & How to do it.
  • 8:41-  Why it's important to harvest the EQ and the Spiritual Component within us to help you connect to your inner self and Source Energy
  • Ranil’s Story and how he found Core Energetics 
  • 12:00- The difference between Spirituality & Religion
  • 18:00- What Grounding Means (multi-dimensional experience)
  • 19:00- Tips on how to Ground to build your energy field and balance your energy flow
  • How to use the heart to connect to others
  • How to connect to the essence of ourselves and being OKAY when you’re having a bad/ down day.
  • 21:00- What happens when we suppress emotions like Grief and Sadness & how it affects how we engage with others
  • What is a healthy emotional state? And How to get there.
  • Why DANCING is a great tool to move energy!
  • Ranil explains Emily’s private process he facilitated in Bali- Working through perfectionism and lack of self-worth & her spirit is indomitable and her image now is so different and why that feels good.
  • Why it’s okay not to know the next step but being open to getting clarity and direction is the best way to move forward.
  • The ‘Dark Side” is where the deepest work is done & The analogy of the DOG.
  • What happens when you ignore the dark side?
  • Why it's important to be curious and hold ourselves with empathy to embrace the shadow side.
  • 30:00- How to Create an Energetic Shift:
    1. What can you do by yourself and for yourself in your own space
      • Mobilizing your energy- grounding your energy (you can access his youtube video HERE
      • Do the 2 Min sequence Ranil talks about doing for 2 weeks that will change your life
      • Do things that help you connect to your feelings.- for example: Openly expressing how you feel when you look in the mirror
      • Do something that connects you to something bigger- for example, looking at the sunset.
      • Ask yourself 'What am I going to do to be more ME?'
    1. How you can restructure that with intervention
      1. We all have blind spots so it’s nice to work with people who are trained to hold the space to help you see all of you and work on yourself completely.
      2. Connecting with someone and trusting someone to support you with the process.
  • The work happens in everyday activity and implementing it in your everyday life
  • 41:00- Why it’s crucial to expand your definition and understanding of what ‘success’ is
  • 47:40 -Going from an executive to where he is now
  • 50:00 -Why you should have that bite of cake!
  • 52:00 -Working through trauma, is it necessary to evolve?
  • 54:00 -The Core Energetics Dynamics Explained - Intimacy with a healthy and trusted environment
  • 1:04:13 How Ranil finally surrendered to LOVE when he first met his wife.
  • 1:05- “The challenge is for each of us to get back to what we’re meant to do that creates an alignment that will manifest creative tension that can fuel what I  am going to do today to create more conscious choices & to create new outcomes”
  • 1:07 Ranil gives us a soft and loving energetic slap with some final wisdom!


  • See Ranil’s article in Yogi Times HERE
  • Learn from Ranil on Youtube HERE 

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Episode Quotes:

“The feeling that people get when they are around you is what matters and what stays with them. The energy that emanates out is what you should focus on.”

“Leadership isn’t all about others. Leadership is about who we are and our connection to our authentic self and our commitment to being in that place of truth”

“Ultimately it doesn’t matter what we are doing. If we are in our truth, everyone knows it!”

“The ‘Dark Side” is where the deepest work is done.”

“When we suppress components of our personality, it doesn’t matter how good of a person you are or how positive you are, we all have that shadow side and that’s linked to that survival response… however, it is also held in our body, in our emotions, belief systems, and our energy field. When it is held there, it limits our flow and that limits ourselves and our expression in the world. So that’s where the deepest changes are and we should strive to be okay with working on that”

“The challenge is for each of us to get back to what we’re meant to do that creates an alignment that will manifest creative tension that can fuel what I am going to do today to create a more conscious choice to create new outcomes”

‘There’s nothing better than sharing our own journey [and experiences] to help others understand’

Advice to his teenage self & to us: ‘Take a moment, take a nice deep long breath. think of your connection with God and know that you are enough in who you are. You don’t have to rise above and be the best at anything because what you think is the best has nothing to do with what really matters. The best is, who can you be inside yourself and learning how to discover that. All of these other measures are just the yearning for connection and acknowledgment.’