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Nov 27, 2019

This week’s guest on the Live Your Light Show is Libby Crow. Many refer to Libby as the 'Human Sparkler' & after you listen, we're sure you'll understand why. Libby has helped tens of thousands of people all over the world through her coaching programs, retreats + workshops, digital courses, and 1:1 consulting. She has been a bridge to those in need all over the planet through partnering with philanthropic + social change enterprises that make the world a better place. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, and more.

Here are some of the highlights from this soulful conversation: 

  • Libby shares insights from her journey from Teacher to Successful Entrepreneur
  • Libby shares a very private piece of her past and how death can be our greatest teacher
  • Why Libby went from being an Atheist to asking for a sign from the Universe.
  • Libby’s moving story about receiving a sign from a complete stranger who guided her through her darkest time.
  • Why it’s important to have a solid appreciation for the dualities in life.
  • How Libby had to learn how to have the courage to be vulnerable but once she did, it changed everything.
  • Processing information is different for everyone but once Libby started processing and opening up with others, it was a major needle mover in her business and life.
    • Libby's Suggests the following ways to process information:
      • hire a coach/ therapist
      • social media group
      • journaling it out
      • sit with it and get it out of you even if that means talking to your pet

(Always remember that people WANT to support YOU!)

  • What NOT to do when you’re making a big change in your life…’ The worst thing you can do during a BIG change is to isolate yourself.’
  • Libby shares some personal insight into her vulnerable conversations with her husband Scott Oldford and how being business partners in the Daily Shift has supported the positive evolution of their marriage and business partnership.
  • Libby gives us an example of how to have open heart conscious conversation about feelings
  • Libby pinpoints the 3 things that have made her successful this far
  1. Willingness to get dirty no matter what to get anything done
  2. Having a student mindset
  3. Confidence and a belief in herself & her abilities

“I have always known that everything is possible” -LC

  • Libby explains ‘Compassionate Self Forgiveness’ and offers the steps in order to use this in our lives to overcome any negative belief or thought

The steps to ‘Compassionate Self Forgiveness’ : 

1. You state the misbelief and write it down

2  Have Forgiveness-Write down, ‘I forgive myself for thinking this…”

3. Then reframe- Write down, ‘The truth is…. ‘

  • Libby goes into the idea of ‘Spaciousness’ and why it's necessary to make space to move the needle. -Spaciousness offers room for creativity to flow.
  • Why slowing down is when the magic happens
  • Libby believes that kindness is the key to everything
  • Libby’s tip on how to step into your power to live your light:

The steps:

1. Write down one thing you want to do (don’t overcomplicate, just choose 1 thing!)

2. Make this one thing your focus for 90 days and maybe ask for support and start taking action daily. Take small steps daily and remain consistent.

  • Libby explains her Sticky Notes Goal setting exercise on how to make Goals FUN and achievable. (if you do this activity, please send us a photo or tag us at @itsemilythomas @libbycrow so we can honor you!)

Here’s how to do it: Write down everything you want to do in next 5 years and stick them on the wall in order (you can move things around if you want to) this makes a macro version of your goals what’s in mind and heart to be able to take action and then go down into a micro-level and plan out your year ahead! This is what she and her husband Scott do every year.

  • The last question Emily asked Libby is: If you had one message to leave this world, what would that be?? Libby replied:  “It’s all going to be alright’ — it’s going to be okay’


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