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Nov 13, 2019

This week’s guest on the Live Your Light Show, I have a soulful conversation with my friend, Jenna Black. Jenna is the founder of Abundant Boss and is a business, success and abundance coach for spiritual and visionary women in business. It’s her mission to help women get seen, heard and create a wildly abundant business and life!

(Part 1) In This Conversation We Cover:

  • Jenna’s transition from the fashion world to coach & entrepreneur.
  • Trusting the voice within you.
  • How to unveil the truest you.
  • How returning ‘HOME’ might mean saying bye to everything you were taught and why that’s OKAY.
  • How to find your ‘superpower’.
  • How to shift out of scarcity to trust & faith.

We can’t wait to see what you thought of the episode and what takeaways resonated with you most. Please don’t forget to screenshot & tag @itsemilythomas when you're listening to let us know your favorite part.

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Here are the time stamps for following along:

4:00- Jenna’s story from fashion to entrepreneur

5:50- How to trust the power within you.

7:00 - You get to choose your worth and your energy around money yourself without approval from others. Getting still and the ‘remembrance’ of who we really are is key. Taking your power back is sacred because you connect back to your truth.

9:30 -Tips to turn up the dial to trust your inner guidance system- everything is a choice

15:00 -Getting clear on what you want to do, how to decide. 

17:00- How to decide what is your superpower

22:00- How to guide yourself into a more aligned path

26:00 - Be around people who hold a vision for what is possible for you and have radar for people who doubt you

30:00 - How Trust plays a role in your money mindset

33:33- “Don’t give up before the desire manifests. I’ve seen so many people that want to give up and it’s usually right before things shift. Stay in it. Stay the course.’

34:00 -How to move through resistance and fear.

37:00- What is true abundance? & How being in alignment can create the flow of $$.

40:00- How to shift out of scarcity to trust & faith.


Resources How to Connect with Jenna:

  • Follow Jenna On Instagram HERE 
  • Access some fantastic prosperity freebies HERE 
  • Visit her website HERE