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Mar 19, 2020

This Week on the Live Your Light Show:

This week’s guest on the Live Your Light Show, we welcome Alexandra Pullen. We asked Alexandra aka THE HEALTHY BALLERINA to be a guest on the Live Your Light Show because she is truly someone living her light. She has had a passion for ballet since she could remember however, as she grew older she felt out of alignment. She decided to trust her intuition, go against all odds and venture out into the unknown. Fortunately, she was introduced to a wellness community that opened her eyes to a new way of being. Today, she has welcomed her passion for dance back into her life but in a MUCH healthier way.  She now spends her time on her blog, being a mentor for other dancers. I  hope you enjoy & that you feel inspired to live your light by listening!


In This Soulful Conversation We Cover: 

  • How her passion in life is dance and how over time it diverged from the traditional ballet path
  • How she decided to trust her intuition to take a break from dancing
  • What she learned by running away from her problems
  • What happened when she moved to LA
  • How she was able to heal her relationship with food and her eating disorder
  • Who helped her expand and learn a new way of living & why that’s important for all women to know!
  • What it was like going through puberty as a professional ballerina
  • Intuitive eating— what is it and how she learned how to eat in a completely new way
  • Scarcity Vs. Abundance thinking & how it relates to eating
  • How her past has created the courageous person she is today
  • How she’s changed the way she treats her body
  • How she works through triggers
  • How she uses her gift today to support women
  • How she’s made peace with ballet and invited it back into her life today
  • How she’s pioneering a new way of being a ballerina



“You don’t have to be stuck in misery. You don’t have to be stuck at the job that you hate. you don’t have to be stuck in the relationship that you’re not happy in. BUT you also have to do something about it.”  - Alexandra Pullen


“If it dims your light, there’s no point in doing it!’ - Alexandra Pullen


  • Visit Alexandra’s Website HERE 
  • To access Sundari Swim (mentioned in this episode) click HERE 


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