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Jul 2, 2020

This Week on the Live Your Light Show:

This week’s guest on the Live Your Light Show, we welcome Cassandra Vogeli. Cassandra is a Soul-Aligned Entrepreneur. She is the founder of Resonance and who’s mission is to inspire, expand, and catalyze more love, freedom, beauty, and consciousness on this planet & Resonance offers the resources to do just that.  Cassandra is an intuitive, energy worker (Reiki Master), kundalini yogi, and mediation teacher with a MA in Marital & Family Therapy. In this episode, Cassandra explains Human Design, reads Emily’s Chart, and offers wisdom on how you can understand & read your own.


In This Soulful Conversation We Cover: 

  • Cassandra’s story from her ‘traditional path’ to a more aligned & conscious life 
  • How she learned to trust and strengthen her intuition
  • Her intuition guided her to Peru and it was there that she has an eye-opening experience
  • Astro Geography - Peru is on her Pluto line, which means it’s her location for massive transformation - and it rocked everything for her 
    • It was there that she let go of the mind driving her life and let her soul start to guide her, instead
  • How our DNA is evolving from the shadow & we are moving into ‘the gift’
  • As we start to rise into our consciousness - we are turning back into Light
  • How she navigates the shadow self & tips for us all to use in our lives
  • EMDR - Therapy used in trauma - What it is and how she implemented it with clients as a therapist & the parallels with Kundalini Yoga
    • How working towards her doctorate also activated conflict within her by simultaneously breaking down everything she believed in (e.g. medicating children) which led her to lead into gut health & her personal truth
  • Not needing to prove yourself can create massive power within yourself-
  • The importance of re-building & your self-trust through journaling. You can always return to the journal and seek council with the deepest part of you & essentially reconnecting to that wisest part of you
  • Cassandra explains Human design, the 5 different energy types
  • Cassandra reads Emily’s human design chart - Emily’s a Manifesting Generator
  • Being a Kundalini Practitioner, how Cassandra is processing the recent tabloids about Yogi Bhajan
    • How it’s a good lesson not to give our power away
    • Emily’s opinion on the matter
  • Practicing compassion especially with shadow work & with everybody
  • How to find your own Human Design chart
  • What we can learn from Hitlers Human Design Chart
  • What you should be doing in your life per each of the 5 Human design categories
  • How to start living in alignment with your Human Design Type & Your Authority
  • Cassandra explains what the Gene Keys are
    • How to use the shadow as a form of awareness so you can intentionally choose the ‘gift’ so it becomes more of the embodiment of your aligned being


‘What aspects of my life can I evolve forward rather than looking at the shadow ”

“Stop policing everything around you, accept it because it’s all part of the collective whole & needed. ALL of it is necessary.”

“Sometimes it’s the spark that happens in the shadow that gets us to the gift”

“You have to do what is right for you & in that, you will find power”

“Everything we do and encounter is material for growth’

“If I’m judging someone for their darkness, am I  ignoring my own?’

“Sometimes to really get us to go to the gift we have to be in the shadow.”




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