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Feb 1, 2021

This Week on the Live Your Light Show: 

Today on the Live Your Light Show we have Steph Taylor. Steph is an ex-corporate square peg, digital product launch strategist and host of the Socialette podcast, which has had over 700,000 downloads to date. 

Through her free masterclasses, paid programs and consulting, she has taught over 100,000 entrepreneurs how to launch digital products and podcasts to reach more people, grow their audience and become the go-to in their industry. Steph does what she does so that fellow entrepreneurs can achieve more impact, create more profit and have more freedom.


In This Conversation, We Cover:

  • 1:45 How she got to where she is today and who is it that she helps
  • 3:40 The power of niching down and the fear most entrepreneurs have around narrowing their niche
  • 7:45 Her transition from her corporate job into her role as a business owner
  • 13:10 The initial fear and mindset shifts she had to work through when she quit her 9-5 job
  • 15:45 What led her to close her agency and how she found out it doesn't bring her joy anymore
  • 18:45 What lessons she has learned and the advice she would give to anyone who is unhappy with their business
  • 21:15 Why we should not be afraid to ask for help and work with an expert or mentor who is one step ahead of us to avoid the unnecessary mistakes
  • 25:50 Tips on how we can scale our business and take it to the next level
  • 26:90 Systems, programs & processes she has in place that help her scale her business
  • 30:20 How to overcome the fear of success as a business owner


  • Visit Steph Taylor’s Website HERE


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