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Jan 30, 2020

In this SOLO Episode we talk about:

  • How Emily made the Impossible Possible by creating Sundari Swim, a different kind of swimwear brand, Swimwear for the Soul.
  • How to create that brighter future & vision for you:
    • Imagine you are attending a talk as part of a large audience, everyone in the audience, including you, is deeply touched and inspired by what the speaker is saying. that speaker is your future self- ten or 20 years from now:
  • Think about the following:

1. What is the speaker saying that is so captivating/ interesting/ mesmerizing? 

2. What about the speaker makes you look up to him/ her?

3. Why do you feel the way you do?


How to start putting the wheels in motion:

  • TALK ABOUT your vision A LOT and as if it has already happened.
  • Start speaking the vision to LIFE.
  • Our mind creates all the outcomes we experience in life
  • This is key: “as soon as you believe something isn’t possible, it isn’t possible but the opposite is also true’ If we begin to consciously start managing our minds, we have the ability to create more desired outcomes in our life.
  • Making a decision to become something isn’t just one decision it is in fact 1,000’s of decisions to continue to become it until you achieve it.  - Using the example of Airbnb founders
  • There’s a big difference in what you WANT to believe and what you actually believe- because it’s easy to believe something that’ s already happened.
  • It’s much more difficult to believe something that hasn’t happened yet, therefore, this is when Mind Management is crucial to adjusting your mindset (Emily touches briefly on her Mind Management Method— Stay tuned for a future episode with details on the Method & how to apply it to your life)
  • The more you talk to people about your vision, the more likely you can find people to help you. -Especially if your vision is altruistic in nature.
  • Emily Introduces Sundari swim - the brand concept and how it’s so different with crystals and Yantra Yoga Life Path Numbers— for more information or to find out your own life-path number visit
  • Emily’s extremely passionate about this work which is why she has decided to select 2 people to have a free 1:1 session to set the wheels in motion for your personal vision. if you would like to be considered, send her a direct message on Instagram @itsemilythomas and reference this episode & share your vision!
  • NOTE: Make sure to listen to the very end for a special gift for you! — Send Emily a Direct message on Instagram referencing this episode to be considered for a free 60 min Individual Mentorship Session (if selected it is free of charge)


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