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Jan 1, 2020

This Week on the Live Your Light Show:

This week’s guest on the Live Your Light Show, we welcome Adam Flores. We asked Adam to be a guest on the Live Your Light Show because he is a young revolutionary leader in business. For many years he struggled to get his message and business ideas out into the world. His frustration led him to become a radical student in leadership, social media, and Internet marketing. His ability to combine the best fundamental principles in each category paved the way for Adam to build his business beyond a million dollars in sales. Although he’s had a lot of success, it wasn’t enough for Adam. His genuine passion and charisma to see people and organizations win in the marketplace has been his driving force to become an expert in his craft. He now spends his time consulting for individuals, businesses, and organizations across the country. I  hope you enjoy.


In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • How Adam started from the very bottom & became a self-made millionaire
  • Adam was 5-years-old when he witnessed his parents’ split due to financial reasons.
    • In his eyes, he was stripped out of the women he loved the most because of money so he decided at a young age that he was going to be wealthy.
    • He associated that you have to have money to stay close to the ones you love & Had to seek healing from this later on.
    • This is an example of using the negative events in the past to pave the future. That’s where his ambition came from.
  • How he became a millionaire by 23-years-old
  • How he entered the coaching world.
  • How Adam made the difficult decision to leave his steady ‘safe’ job to follow his passion and live his light by starting his own business.
  • What is The Dream Factory co.:  Help create your ideas into reality.
  • If he had to start from scratch today Adam’s First steps would be:
    • 1. Package a 30 min message to the world highlighting your unique gifts
  • The Three R’s - To use your voice and gain credibility
  1. R- Results
  2. R- Researcher
  3. R- Reporter
  • Insight on new book: The Art of Social Influence: Getting your life in alignment and using your message and your voice to do that. -He explains The 3 of the 7P's he teaches in his book - Positioning, Packaging & Promoting

  • Adam’s special $2000 gift to you free access to SMART BUSINESS Ignite Online course- How to package an offer to sell & begin making first sales with your message.
  • Schedule FREE Demo - Click Schedule Free demo
  • If Adam only had 24 hours left on this planet what would be the message you want to leave with this world?
    • ‘Fear Cannot Hold Its Grass on Those Determined to Serve Others.- If you just serve others with your god given gifts you can live in this world fearlessly.  It’s not about you it’s about giving to create something.' 



  • Visit Adams Website HERE  
  • Book your (Completely FREE) Blueprint Call and get access to the $2000 Smart Business Ignite Course-Click HERE 
  • Buy Adam’s Book, The Art Of Social Influence by clicking HERE 

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