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Nov 5, 2019

This week on the Live Your Light Show, we welcome Ava Johanna.  Ava is a celebrity meditation + yoga teacher, breathwork facilitator, and transformational mentor on a mission to bridge the gap for anyone craving more love, health, and happiness in their lives. After suffering from severe corporate burnout, Ava turned to yoga and holistic healing to redirect her life and found these powerful ancient practices to be the ultimate rejuvenation of spirit. 


In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • Ava’s transformational story from a desk job to a successful entrepreneur
  • Money mindset
  • How to combat what other’s think of you & societal conditioning
  • How to awaken the dormant power within
  • Productivity hacks
  • Using darkness to create art


Here are the time stamps for following along:

3:00 Ava’s Story

8:00 - What happened when she said ‘Yes’ to herself and getting into alignment.

9:00- When & why she started fully trusting her intuition.

10:00 - ‘Money is a test to see where our values really lie. We can give in to it and let fear and ego to be what guides us. Or we can turn inward and ask ourselves ‘is this something I REALLY want or is what I REALLY want something deeper’

11:00 -Tips to break free of societal conditioning - Ask yourself truly what your beliefs are. Then ask is this belief true and if this is a belief you’re wanting to continue to subscribe to? Does it make me FEEL good? If not, rewrite and practice that new thoughts. Then, actively pursuing evidence to show you that this is true.

13:30 - “The more you look for abundance, the more you’ll find it. The more you look for scarcity, the more you’ll find it. Choose what it is you’re going to look for. -It’s as easy as that and you get to decide how easy you want your transformation to be”

14:50 - How to deal with what other people think.

16:30 - Why do we care about having a large social media following?

17:30 - How Ava steps out of her own way- Self-Discipline!

21:00 -Key tips to productivity = Keeping a dynamic & fluid schedule

25:00 -Acknowledging that there are NO coincidences and bringing awareness around the present moment to bring clarity to what is happening in your life right now.

29:30 - Using Darkness as fuel for when you are in your light.  The darkness is the story we share on stage and help inspire others! Use the darkness to create beauty and art!

30:00 -‘It’s important to remember that if you are in your darkness right now, It is not permanent and it is going to be fuel later in your life to be of service to other people in the world. You will be able to use your story as a way to help other people get through their darkness.’

31:00 -How to take the first step towards your dream life...

39:00 -Why “I don’t know isn’t a valid excuse anymore’


Resources & Connect with Ava:

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