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Feb 16, 2022

This Week on the Live Your Light Show: 

Nat & Ang began their careers both in the Wedding Industry. Nat as a wedding photographer, and Ang as a wedding planner. They often worked together and grew a kinship and respect for one another over their approach to not only weddings, but also business.

Years later, they both stepped away from weddings and began working with Businesses to leverage their online presence, and create content that truly told their stories. At the same time, they were also teaching businesses how to use Instagram to grow their clientele.


In This Conversation, We Cover: 

3:51 Comparisons on social media and why followers is just a number

11:30 The power of showing up on social media

13:43 Outsourcing social media creation 

20:30 How to stand out from a crowd 

27:45 Why authenticity is the key to success

31:08 Tips on setting boundaries on social media 

46:25 Giveaway announcement 



Team Social Focus

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